The class and quality of the furniture It should depend on the quality of the product, not on the logo and price tag.

Furniture should be customizable, handcrafted and good for the planet without being expensive.

"We have created furniture in new ways."

The start

A new idea of ​​furnishing was started

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Planet first

1 furniture 1 plant

2022 was the year we started our plant a tree program. For every product sold, we planted a tree for the plant a tree foundation. We believe a furniture can have a positive impact on the planets future and environmnet.

The next stage

Mulroom was born

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A small effort to make the lives better

Furniture for animals

In Feb 2024, we started our furniture for animals program with which a portion of every furniture sold is used to feed and neuter stray animals. We also have moved towards helping and sponsoring finding forever homes for stray cats and dogs throught Thailand.

You should pay and focus on the product. Not from the brand

Normally, mass-produced goods were converted into ordinary goods that were left in storage. As a result, there are not many product options. With modern technology it has been changed to the way we run our stores. And our consumers have been informed about this for many years before this.

Furniture brands that are considered esoteric products with claims of using superior materials are forced to exaggerate their marketing of low-quality materials. The reason is in order to make it look appropriate for the high price. and in order to maintain profits

Nowadays, looking classy depends on status and marketing. But it wasn't always like this in the past. Previously, luxury and class were represented by unique materials. and a beautiful design with excellent craftsmanship But due to the industry that has evolved Quality is ranked second in line. For marketing and profit

But at Mulroom, we reject the idea that quality doesn't matter. On the other hand, we place great importance on the fact that our products must come from materials that are truly crafted by the craftsmen. and give consumers the power to change products to adjust them according to their personal preferences. and needs

Delayed production management process

In furniture industry tradition, the production management process is like a chaotic labyrinth filled with middlemen. Each of which has added to the price and created difficulties. Mulroom considers that such industry examples should be excluded in order to maximize efficiency at a cost-effective price.

Mulroom technology has revolutionized the process of managing furniture production so that intermediaries are eliminated. Our improvements not only ensure the delivery of products directly from the factory to the customer. But it also destroys various systems that increase prices from middlemen.

We have advanced ideas to challenge the status quo in the furniture industry. We emphasize that future success depends on production management processes that support technology that directly provides customers with good quality products. Eliminate non-direct steps and we empower customers to be happy with the value of their purchases.

We create environmentally friendly furniture.

Mulroom stands at the forefront of stability in the furniture industry. Revolutionized by combining production channels with market needs. Such a strategy is not merely about reducing production more than necessary. But it is a guarantee that every piece of furniture produced will serve its purpose.

Eliminating intermediaries and connecting factories to market needs Mulroom is outstanding in its ethics when it comes to furniture.

In terms of accessibility, our innovations are not only environmentally friendly. but also ensures that our customers receive ethically sourced products. Our elimination of middlemen also promotes fair labor practices. and maintaining transparency in the production management process as well

Concerning the security of Mulroom It's not just a vocabulary word. It is intrinsically valuable. We connect production plants and market needs together. We have redefined the furniture industry. By acting ethically environmental awareness And customer satisfaction can be matched perfectly with every piece we produce. This format reduces waste. Why does the production match the needs of the market? and also reduces production conditions that are more than necessary