Let's share a better world easily with your old furniture at home.

Multiroom furniture buying and selling service

Millions of pieces of healthy furniture will be thrown into the trash. That is why we buy your used furniture. To restore as many chairs, shelves, or drawers as possible.

Good reasons to use the service Buy-sell furniture, Mulroom

  • Help preserve the environment by reducing furniture waste that can still be used.
  • Turn your unused furniture into Malroom gift cards.
  • Give new life to furniture
  • Give your home a new look
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Procedure for using the service

  • Fill out the form

  • The Mulroom team will inspect and evaluate your furniture to determine the purchase price.

  • Mulroom will send items to pick up the furniture.

  • When agreeing to sell the furniture at that price You will receive 1 Mulroom voucher to use when making purchases on the website. It has a useful life of 1 year.

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