Fair Trade

Empowering the true makers.

We are challenging the traditional ecosystem and empowering manufacturers and creating the new global supply chain.

Fair and equitable

From the biggest factories making furniture for some of the most sought after luxury brands to expert craftspeople and communities creating handmade furniture, We are removing both brands and retailers from our supply chain and we aim to connect consumers straight to the source.

Ethical and sustainable

With modern technology and a global network of manufacturers, we pioneer a new supply chain to operate more efficiently and equitably that generates much greater shared value for not just ourselves, but also for our manufacturing partners and customers.

Nurturing growth

We is enabling our global manufacturing partners to work smarter and reach a much bigger customer base without depending on intermediateries. Now manufacturers with our data analytics can plan much better to reduce cost and focus more towards their craft.

Craftsmanship for everyone

We believe in a world where an aspirational lifestyle and beautiful products that people would consider luxuries are made accessible to everyone. We believe that luxury should be defined by the quality of the product, not by the logo or the price tag.