Brunswick Loft Bookshelf

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Old but new, the "rawness" behind it has been crafted with the utmost care. The smell of artistic prosperity from the industrial era From the bookshelf that has been meticulously assembled from "teak wood" that comes in the form of four spacious shelves. to display your favorite books and beautiful decorations which is beyond that It's not just about showing off your journal or books. Try showing it off in your living room, pair it with a woven wooden waste basket, or set it up in your office. To make you look extremely skilled And if you want to make a special impression, Place family photos, potted plants, or knick-knacks that have been accumulated over the years. Use this teak bookshelf to create the perfect divider in your living room. The clean, simple yet stylish look of this wooden piece will blend beautifully with home décor. that is traditional industrial age Or decorations from the garden that are modern and perfect. 

Available from ethically sourced with sustainable teak or with padauk wood.

size Width 40 x


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